Full Stack Beginner's Guide

  • Quick explanations
  • Cheat Sheets
  • External Resources
  • Projects

Take the next step in your web development career with this online guide to full stack web development, inspired by Sparkbox's Full Stack Apprenticeship. It is focused on approachable projects to help you gain the skills needed to become a web developer. Each section contains a brief summary of the topic, a list of external resources I have used and found the most helpful, a small cheat sheet, and project prompts.


Learning to code is a difficult challenge. There are an infinite number of tutorials and articles, yet little direction provided on which path to take. During my journey as a full stack apprentice I found a need to provide a guide for other junior developers who are looking for direction just like I was. Before the apprenticeship, I did not understand the exact skills needed to become a full stack web developer who could collaborate with other team members. I wanted to know what languages and tools would give me the tools to do so. The apprenticeship gave me that knowledge, and the support to build up my skills.

This guide is a roadmap of my time as an apprentice and consists of all the information I found most helpful. I wrote it with the idea that someone who has never had a web development job could digest the information and step away with a full fledged portfolio.